Free Knowledge – What is Bleed?

When imagery or design elements are produced with the intention of extending beyond any edge of a page of a publication, this known as a Bleed. In other words Bleed is used when it is it is necessary for the image or a portion of it to extend beyond the Trim edges.

Bleed Area dimensions, typically 3mm are provided by publishers to ensure the image will be placed on a page for proper reproduction, and to provide a margin of safety for variations of movement as the paper passes through a printing press and finally trimmed. So if the finished size of a Letterhead is A4 or 210x297mm and you have elements that bleed off the edge, then you will require 3mm of bleed to all edges. Adobe InDesign has a feature that enables you to specify the amount of bleed you require. Sometimes publishers require only bleed measurements and not crop marks. In this case, they might request artwork to be supplied as 216x303mm which will then be trimmed to 210x297mm.

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