Jul 10, 2018

Work Experience say hello to Kacey

Say hello to Kacey, a student from Pakefield High School in Lowestoft, Suffolk who is with us for a week for her work experience. Kacey is a budding young artist with an interest in photography and she is with us to experience life within a busy design studio. During her time with Martin Hailes Design… View Article


Jun 08, 2018

Free Knowledge – What are Colour Bars?

Colour Bars are placed beyond the bleed area to allow the printer to control the colour on the printed page. Colour Bars not only provide a constant stable standard for measuring the flow of various colours used in a printed image over the duration of a print run, they measure the visual properties of ink… View Article


Jun 01, 2018

Free Knowledge – What are Registration Marks?

Cross marks used on a press sheet to assure proper registration are called Registration Marks. A printer uses Registration Marks to align the separate colours of ink when printing a page with more than one colour, Since each colour of ink used in printing is applied with a separate set of rollers to a separate… View Article


May 25, 2018

Free Knowledge – What is Bleed?

When imagery or design elements are produced with the intention of extending beyond any edge of a page of a publication, this known as a Bleed. In other words Bleed is used when it is it is necessary for the image or a portion of it to extend beyond the Trim edges. Bleed Area dimensions,… View Article


May 17, 2018

Free Knowledge – What is the Trim Area?

Trim Area is the term that is used to describe the absolute horizontal and vertical area dimensions (finished size) of a publication. Most publications are printed on paper that is larger than the page dimensions to allow for processing, handling, and binding as well as image demands. In the finishing process, a guillotine knives trim… View Article


May 11, 2018

Free Knowledge – What is Pantone (PMS)?

What is Pantone/PMS? Pantone or PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a ‘solid colour’ matching system created in the 1950’s specifically for the Graphics Industry. The idea behind the PMS is to allow designers to “colour match” specific colours when a design enters production, regardless of the equipment used to produce the colour. The system uses… View Article


Apr 16, 2018

Free Knowledge – What is CMYK

What is CMYK? This is the Four Colour Process (also known as Process Colour or Full-Colour) Based upon Sir Isaac Newton’s Colour Circle, Four colour process printing was originally developed in the late nineteenth century along with the half-tone process for reproduction of continuous tone images (photographs) and has been used for over 100 years… View Article