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Outdoor Advertising, Creative and Impactful

Dec 07, 2018

Head Turning and memorable, that’s the best way to describe the latest OOH (Out-of-home advertising) campaign we’ve created for Wyse Media UK Ltd, the outdoor advertising specialist. The brief, to create a dramatic and effective advertising campaign to illustrate the effectiveness of OOH advertising, expand the brand’s visibility and attract new advertising business. The campaign… View Article


Martin Hailes Design are 5, yes five years old!

Sep 13, 2018

We cannot believe we are now 5 Years old…or young! Because we still feel youthful and energetic in what we do. Our client base contintues to expand and now into Singapore in a big way. Martin Hailes Design are now worldwide…sort of! We continue to love what we do and have done, myself for the… View Article


Work Experience say hello to Kacey

Jul 10, 2018

Say hello to Kacey, a student from Pakefield High School in Lowestoft, Suffolk who is with us for a week for her work experience. Kacey is a budding young artist with an interest in photography and she is with us to experience life within a busy design studio. During her time with Martin Hailes Design… View Article


Free Knowledge – What are Colour Bars?

Jun 08, 2018

Colour Bars are placed beyond the bleed area to allow the printer to control the colour on the printed page. Colour Bars not only provide a constant stable standard for measuring the flow of various colours used in a printed image over the duration of a print run, they measure the visual properties of ink… View Article


Free Knowledge – What are Registration Marks?

Jun 01, 2018

Cross marks used on a press sheet to assure proper registration are called Registration Marks. A printer uses Registration Marks to align the separate colours of ink when printing a page with more than one colour, Since each colour of ink used in printing is applied with a separate set of rollers to a separate… View Article