Our agency credentials

Our agency credentials

We appreciate the often ‘fraught’ process of choosing a new creative design agency, and how ‘stressful,’ ‘confusing’ and even ‘overwhelming’ it can be.

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Whether Marketing Directors are looking for an agency to refresh their current brand identity, re-work their business marketing strategy or even design an entirely new corporate identity and marketing deliverables from scratch, a strong working relationship with their chosen creative design agency can be the difference between a slipper that fits or one that is uncomfortable.

So, how can you choose the best fitting design agency for your next marketing project?

Such is the importance of third party reviews these days, be it Tripadvisor, friends and family or online reviews, it is often the way to get a more honest opinion. No matter how glossy the website or how fancy the brochure is, third party recommendations are usually perceived as the most trustworthy source. When looking to purchase a new hoover, you often ask your family or friends for recommendations.

Here at Martin Hailes Design, we believe in Good Honest Creative, and the same should apply when choosing a design agency. Take the time to read and carefully consider the testimonials from their existing clients. We love receiving feedback and testimonials from clients and are extremely proud of our great, long-standing relationships with them too, some are approaching 13 years.

These reviews will help set your expectations of the agency’s design quality and experience, provide an idea of how the relationship between you and the agency would be, what the agency personality is like and how talented and dedicated the agency team are when it comes to their work.
Don’t just take our word for it – check out our testimonials and credentials and see for yourself.

Martin Hailes Design’s clients are more like friends. Friends like these make our business possible, and we truly appreciate their support.

If your business is in need of visual identity design, branding, marketing or digital work and you like what you see within our credentials, get in touch with Martin Hailes Design today on 01502 586666 or email us at – We’d love to help, and apply our Good Honest Creative to your next project.

To discover more about Martin Hailes Design read our agency credentials.